choice 2005 – 2015


All pictured works are for sale.




From 1972-1975 I got a basic education in Fine Arts in the USA and Italy. Afterwards I have been living in Switzerland, which has become my working place – as carpenter from 1978 to 1998, and then as nurse in social psychiatry.

Inspired by various artists the process to achieve a work of art has been a main theme since my beginnings in art. Two art teachers at Cornell University in the USA were formative to me: Zevi Blum (Drawing) and Friedel Dzubas (Painting) . In the 90 ' Paul Pollock gave me new creative impulses.

My artistic work is based on the conceptual analysis of the primary functions of format, material and the selection of the object. As a result, my search and trials develop in the process of creating and finding the relationship of the primary functions to put them in a personal pictorial statement and readable language for the viewer.